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Are StyleFlips easy to apply?

Yes, StyleFlips are very easy to apply. They are custom designed and cut for each individual piece of gear and fit perfectly around every curve and opening. Each face you order comes with specific instructions for a smooth, trouble free application.

Are Styleflips easy to remove?

Easy On, Easy Off! We use durable, automotive-grade 3Mª Vinyl for easy application and residue-free removal. Once removed, however, the StyleFlip will never again adhere to your gear quite as well as the first time.

Can I purchase a gift card?

In order to purchase a gift card, please contact us at 612-874-8892.  We will take your payment and issue a gift card. 

Can you tell me about domestic shipping?

We offer both standard mail (2-3 business days) and express mail (1-2 business days)  for shipping. Below is information for both options:

Standard Mail

The expected 2-3 business days for standard U.S. mail is only an estimate from USPS, not a guarantee, and can take longer in extreme cases. Since all of our skins are custom made to order, the estimate does not include the 1-5 business days of manufacturing time. When an order has been marked as shipped, it means that your item is ready for postal pick up. If the shipping notification was received after 12:00 PM (CST), the post office will pick up the package on the following business day.

Express Mail

Express U.S. mail is a 1-2 business days delivery, it is a guaranteed service by USPS. Since all of our skins are custom made to order, the estimate does not include the 1-5 business days of manufacturing time. The manufacturing process for all express orders are expedited but for delivery by a certain date, please contact us before your order is placed. When an order has been marked as shipped,  it means that your item is ready for postal pick up If the shipping notification was received after 12:00 PM (CST), the post office will pick up the package on the following business day. Claims for late arrived packages can be filed with USPS and refunds can be given to customers for shipping & handling according to the USPS policy.

Can you tell me about International shipping?

International shipping: Manufacturing takes 1-5 business days once the order is placed. After manufacturing, estimated transit time takes 10-30 business days (not including weekends or holidays).  Time varies depending on the country. In some rare cases, packages can take much longer to clear through customs.  We have no control over the customs inspection and clearance in your country.  Tracking available while in the United States only. Once the package has arrived in your country it will be handed off to your local postal service for delivery. In some cases, your local postal service may hold onto the packages at their location for pickup.

Please contact your local postal service for final delivery.  Lost or stolen package claims can be placed with shipping provider after 40 business days and can take up to 7 business days to process the claim after the claim is completed we can offer a replacement skin to be sent out free of charge using the same shipping method selected originally or refund the order.  During the holiday season Nov 1st - Jan 15th, it is peak season for shipping and imports, therefore, international shipping and importing should expect delays (Customers are free to contact us before placing their order to arrange their own shipping and pickup as well).  

The customer is free to arrange they own international shipping and pickup directly with their perferred vendor.   If you would like to do so please email us before placing the order.

How can I contact Customer Service?

You can contact StyleFlip Customer Service via email at  orders@styleflip.com -- You can also contact StyleFlip by telephone at 1-612-874-8892.

How can I get the most out of my design?

Please keep in mind that, the better quality of image you use on your design, the better quality of StyleFlip get. We recommend not using anything below 300dpi resolution when designing your StyleFlip. If an image looks blurry on your computer monitor DO N0T USE IT! Rest easy though, as we always contact you if an image is not up to quality.

Please keep in mind colors can vary between different computer monitors, screens, and printers. We print in CMYK color mode and most computer monitors are formatted in RGB color mode. Because of this there might be a slight variation in the colors of your StyleFlip, however we do try to get it as close as possible!

When working in Photoshop or Illustrator use the CMYK color mode, as that is what we print in. Designs done in RGB can come out looking slightly off colored.

Don't forget to turn ON your KNOB INFO LAYERS if you want your units text to be visible. You can customize the color and even add a Glow color! The "Glow" creates a soft outline around your text, which can really make it pop! Please note: when turning on the Knob Info Layer make sure to never use the same color for the Glow that you used for the Text.

When scaling an image please make sure the vertical and horizontal numbers stay this SAME! Otherwise your image could be stretched, skewed, and blurry.

Using .PNG image types will upload your logo or design as transparent (without a white background). This is great for layering your designs, however uploading too many designs may confuse our server, so if you plan to use more than 5 images please use Photoshop or MS Paint to combine them before uploading your design.

Make sure your images completely cover ALLoutside edges of the template otherwise you will get a white border on the edge.

Lastly, Make sure to always set the Preview Layer Alpha to zero BEFORE uploading your design. If this layer is visible when you upload your image to your cart the fader knobs, tonearm, and other objects may print over your design.

Disclaimer: Each and Every StyleFlip comes printed with a small StyleFlip logo printed in an area that works with each individual design (sometimes it may be in the bottom corner and other times the top middle). If you want the logo left out there will be an additional $5 service fee. Please add this to your notes when ordering and we will contact you for payment.

How do you put an image across my turntable and slipmat?

The image you upload is specially processed and split into 2 parts. We digitally print onto the slipmats just like your StyleFlip giving you the option to have style stretched across your whole turntable! You can also contact us about stretching a design across several pieces of gear! Our designers are here to help, just email orders@styleflip.com fo more info. Please keep in mind this takes a little more time! 

I want a skin for a product that I do not see on your website- can you make this product?

The templates for each product are created based on demand for the product and To put a request in for this product, please send an e-mail to orders@styleflip.com with the product you would like a skin for and we will add  it to our request list then notify you when the product is available for purchase.

What is the Styleflip's Return Policy?


If for any reason, within the first 30 days from your order date, you are dissatisfied with your purchase we will replace your Styleflip at no charge or If you would like a refund, Styleflip.com will credit you the full purchase price of the skin (minus any shipping charges, if applicable).  All skins must be returned to us before any refund will be processed.   Errors made by the purchaser during the purchase process are not included in this offer.  Examples include mistakes in design, ordering the incorrect product, photo image quality, etc.  

This credit processing will begin once your Styleflip order is received by us and could take up to 24-72 hours to complete

For questions, replacement or returns, please call or email us, if you are emailing please include your order number.

All Returned Skins will ship to:
2443 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Order # (put your order # here)

Please provide in the envelope the following:
1. The Styleflip(s) being returned
2. The original order number
3. Your correct name address, phone number and email address.
4. Reason for return

Will applying a Styleflip to my device void the warranty?

Typically, the application of a Styleflip will not void a device warranty, but we recommend reviewing your warranty to be certain. The Styleflip is placed on the original device cover and can be easily removed with no traces.